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"The Fighting Secrets of the Most Dangerous, Most Feared, and Most Respected Soldiers, Bodyguards and Martial Artists in the World--Secrets

That Will Let YOU Stop Any Attacker


"Now, you can have the confidence and 'explosive moves' to easily protect 

yourself (and your loved ones) from physical harm or life-threatening situations 

using an amazingly 'simple' fighting system... no matter what your age or

physical condition -- even if you've never been in a real fight before!" 

Dear Reader,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Buz Campion. I have trained in the Martial Arts for many years reaching a senior level.  As well as, being a one-time member of an elite unarmed combat training team, tasked with the job of teaching raw but-battle hungry military recruits who were about to serve in the dark alleys of some of the most unruly and barbaric areas of the world.  

As a result, I have trained with hundreds of people who are used to handling volatile situations. During that time I    have been able to evaluate dozens of different self-defence and fighting systems. Some good. Some poor. Hence,  what I've learned is both hard hitting and straight forward and could change the way you train forever.

Quite simply, Iíve gained an understanding of the limitations of what people using certain types of systems in various combat environments can or more importantly, canít do. Being personally involved in teaching hand-to-hand-combat techniques to combatives meant, I didnít have weeks to show them what to do. Plus, it had to be very powerful and easy to remember.

ďYou Donít Need Previous Training Or ExperienceÖ You Donít 

Need Big Muscles Co-Ordination Or Be In Good ShapeĒ

So it was imperative to find and use no ifs or buts just pure-out-and-out devastation techniques that work speedily and effectively. You see, soldiers just donít have the time. Truth is, thatís how the SSDT manual came about. Of course, it had to be user-friendly, so that anyone could learn to use the proven and devastatingly powerful techniques to good effect. Even so, I wonít tell you that my way of real and ultra-effective street self-defence is the only way. Itís not.

All in all, on my travels, if thereís one thing that I have learned itís thisÖIf you are to survive any violent street situation. Itís not how good or how many different techniques you know. Itís how you need to master only a few good ones in order to successfully protect yourself.

Whatís The Risk Of Attack? The Shocking Truth!

Yet, what I am about to tell you may even be a little shocking and unsettling for some people...

Sooner or later, there comes a time in everyone's life when they have to face reality when some mad crazed thug attacks you unprovoked and completely by surprise. You see, I'm talking about being attacked -- brutally, mercilessly, and viciously by someone who is determined to hurt you.

Yes, it happens to people like you and me every day. Dozens of times each day, to be exact. But people still go on believing that "it will never happen to them." Until it does.

If Violence Heads Your Way Are You Ready?

If, deep down, you know that the answer to that question is "NO"... then please keep reading. Because I'm about to reveal to you an incredibly effective fighting system that will help you to survive ANY hostile encounter you are likely to face.

If Your Worried... Don't Be... 

ř It doesnít matter if your attacker is much bigger and stronger than you.

ř It doesnít matter if he is much faster and meaner than you.

ř  It doesnít matter if you've never been in a real fight in your entire life. 

Let me show you, how to stop an attacker in his tracks. A move that is so hard and fast he want know what hit him.

Youíve got to realize that violence can happen anywhere, any time, any place. Itís your responsibility to have the skills and techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones. Hereís howÖ

The fighting system I'm talking about is revealed in a new manual that I have compiled only the best and most   effective tactics that are easy to learn and use. But you want find them in any "martial arts" schools.

The manual is called "The Power of Simple Self Defence Tactics" -- Itís information packed and it teaches you exactly what you have to do -- in ANY situation (both mentally and physically) to beat an attacker.

But here's the best part about this manual...Unlike most martial arts this one does not take you several years to master. No complicated movements in order to use them effectively. 

... Introducing ...  



Here's Just Some of What You'll Find Inside Simple Self Defence Tactics...

  • What the violent street thugs, don't want you to know!

  • How to make techniques your natural response to a violent attack where every  second counts!

  • How not to make Hollywood-style mistakes that will get you seriously hurt or even  killed.

  • Avoid wasting time and money. This manual reveals the information you need to out  maneuver your attacker and whereÖ

     When you're faced with a life-threatening situation where the attacker wants         to hurt you every second counts!

In those deadly situations, you don't have time for complicated fighting styles, fancy-spinning kicks, or Hollywood-style stunts. Those things will get you killed. That's   why this SSDT Training Manual reveals a powerful "quick to end" fighting system.

  • There are no complicated moves! You don't have to remember hundreds of confusing blocks and strikes! Just simple unbelievably effective moves that can be learned and mastered in only a few hours.

  • You don't have to be quick, or coordinated, or even in good physical shape! You don't even need any prior fighting training. You already know most of these movements. I just show you what to do and when to do them. These are natural body movements that anyone can use very effectively to defend themselves.

  • You don't need to train constantly to master this system! Most of us don't have the time to waste -- we have a life! That's why this system is designed to turn you from beginner into a master in just a few short hours. All you have to spend is a few minutes per day training.

  • You'll learn a "fighting system" that focuses only on teaching you one thing -- how to walk out of any physical attack alive, using simple and proven moves in a stunningly short time.

  • "The Warrior Mindset."  I reveal why a single mindset will mean being a victim or being safe and why it can improve your fighting power by 10 times!

Revealed... The Down and Dirty Little Secrets... On The Street No Rules Apply.


But... before you get this manual, I must warn you that...

Itís A Hardcore Self Defence System Thatís Not For Everyone

However... if you're looking for a system that will help you walk away from dangerous situations alive and unharmed, this manual is created just for you.

It has everything you need to quickly and easily learn to defend yourself. But it's not foolproof. There is no mystical secret to how to do it. You just need to fight smarter.

Even so, the best techniques to use are the ones your attacker does not know or expect.

The truth is Iím not the greatest athlete. Like most of us, I wish I were, but Iím not. And neither are 99% of others who train either. They are just normal people who want to learn how to protect their family, property and their lives.

But first, you must build a solid foundation and understand that true mastery of the basics is the number one thing you must learn. Ask any professional athlete you must learn the basics in order to be successful. And thatís just part of what you will be shown in the SSDT manual.

You Can Beat ThemÖLearn to Fight Back and Win.  

                    Even more reasons to get.. The Power Of Simple Self Defence Tactics...

                   ∑         Itís 100% more effective.

                   ∑         Itís 100% more efficient.

                   ∑         Itís 100% faster to learn.

               Now The Time Has Come For You To Make A Decision!

Are you ready to take the next step in your training? Really ready to learn no nonsense simple self-defence tactics?

Do you want to know how to immobilize an aggressive violent full grown male or even a female yes, they do exist, two times your size, regardless of age, size or sex. Itís surprisingly simple.

               >   Want to Learn a secret military technique that will stop anyone Fast?

               >   Itís hard-hitting hot information... 'But right now itís still the best-kept secret'.

                   >   A quick look at some more of what's inside the SSDT manual. You will ...

           ∑   Discover The Laws Of Survival

           ∑   See Natural Body Weapons As More Than Just Fists & Feet

           ∑   Uncover The Key Targets On Your Attackers Body

           ∑   How To Stop An Attacker Fast!

           ∑   Learn How To Control Fear

           ∑  The Anatomy Of Striking

           ∑   The Medical Risks Of Self Defence

           ∑   How To Apply A Color Code For Your Protection

           ∑   How To Adapt To The Fight Or Flight Syndrome

           ∑  How To Develop A Predator Mindset

           ∑  The 4 Power Principles...It's Not What You Think

                 Why A Single Mindset Can Mean Being A Victim Or Being Safe  

                   And Much Much More...

 YES... Itís The Key To Your Personal Safety System...

"And Itís All The Skills You Need To Protect Yourself"

And in case youíre wondering this information has been complied so itís still fresh and completely valid. Unlike     others that tease you with information, which is at best outdated.

Forget all the free advice you have read on how to become an expert fighter in one day. Itís bullshit. Because if you think you can, then think again. I can show you a cut-to-the-chase system of self-defence that will help you beat any attacker real quick.

But, you will have to train at least 15 minutes a day. Which means, for the less active amongst us, getting yourself all hot, and sweaty. Only for a short while though. There Iíve said it now but it had to be said.

The techniques have nothing to do with spending hours, months, and years learning hundreds of complicated techniques or paying club fees. You can train at home. Itís easy to implement, and you can start using the techniques within the next hour.

Thereís nothing worse than having to shell out your hard earned cash to buy some worthless information. But unfortunately millions of people unwillingly do every single day.

As you probably know thousands of people are attacked every day, and if you donít know what to do if you are one of them. Then you might be in for a long spell in hospital or even worse.

So whatís the catch? Why am I practically giving this manual away?

The answer is simple, I'm fed up with people time and time again being handed complete garbage by some so-called expert. It just does not help. If you want to waste your money then this manual isnít for you. I donít want your business.

So How Much Is All This Information Worth To You?

Iíve searched the internet at every available moment looking or other systems that worked. And I didnít find anything that actually worked as well as simple self-defence tactics.

Problem #1 The free books and lists are often old and outdated. They show 1000ís of moves and maybe only a handful of those are valid in todayís violent environment. The truth of the matter is that only a few products are any good.

Problem #2 The fee based web sites out there often get their information from the free sites. Basically these sites and operators are just looking to make some fast money. Theyíve never been in the heat of battle. They donít even check to verify the information before they sell itÖ

No wonder, some of the techniques they offer are down right dangerous and if you tried to use them on the street they would get you seriously hurt.

Other sites are charging $80 to $200 for their resources. Many of them are selling the same misguided and non-workable systems. Sites that make you subscribe to receive free reports in exchange for some useless piece of information.

For $17youíll get a fully illustrated 55 page training manual that is full of tried and tested self-defence techniques and useful information that actually works.

Youíll know exactly what to expect and you have my personal guarantee you will learn something from the SSDT manual or your money will be promptly returned.

You may use Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express to order or Paypal. I also accept Post Office money orders (Please email me for mailing address).

I will not have access to any of your credit card information. I will only receive notice that youíve made a payment.

You will be given immediate access to the manual once your payment is received. (Once your order is complete youíll be taken to a receipt page. When you reach the receipt page simple click on the Ďclick hereí to continue button. This will take you to the download page.  

100% safe and secure order form

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Youíll get instant access to the SSDT Training Manual

No waiting!

You will take absolutely no risk in ordering this manual It could not be simpler read it at your leisure, and decide in your own time whether it's everything I have told you it is.

In fact, I am so confident about the value and practical use of this manual that you get an almost ridiculously- generous...

   8 Week 100% "No-Questions-Asked" Money-Back Guarantee! 

                   It's really very simple...

If you aren't convinced, after reading this manual for an entire 60 days, that it's the real thing, just send me an email for a complete refund of your purchase price. You'll get no hassle from me or anyone else. You don't even need a reason to send it back -- I trust your judgment. If you're not satisfied for any reason, then I don't want your money.

The price for this report really is dirt-cheap, too -- in fact, at just $17, it's a LOT less than what you'd pay for one personal lesson in most martial arts schools.

If Your Really Serious About Your Personal SafetyÖ

Don't put this off -- remember, you stand to lose nothing, and yet what you can gain is more important to living safely in this world than any other skill you'll ever learn!

So, go ahead and use the link below to order now because this special price of $17 won't last forever!

The $17price tag for the SSDT manual is an introductory rate. I reserve the right to increase the price at any time. (And trust me when I say I fully intend to).  Your speed in ordering will be rewarded with a significantly lower price tag.

Within just minutes from now, you can be learning all the powerful secrets in this manual right now, immediately after you order! Use the link below to get your copy...

The Secret Power 

Of Simple Self Defence Tactics.


Immediate Download.  

Order today even if it's 2:am in the morning.
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Remember, everything in life is about preparation and "planning ahead." You never know when danger could be headed your way. These days, violent and abusive thugs don't even need a reason to draw blood. All it takes is an innocent "look" in their direction from some unsuspecting individual -- that's enough to get these abusive types to snap!

Don't wait for it to happen. Get ready now -- when you have the opportunity, and the time, to do so. The better prepared you are, the better chances you will have of success.


Buzz Campion.

Good luck and stay safe.

    PS. In case youíre nervous about ordering from somebody you donít know, I want to reassure you that that you are not dealing  with some fly-by-night. I run several web sites that help people including:       


   PPS. I know what I am selling here will help you. Because Iíve done all the legwork for you what youíll find is 100% useable   and effective information. And if it isnít (which I really doubt) you can ask for your money back and get it with absolutely             no hassles, zero risk.

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